Sarah Andree

1981Born in Hagen NRW, Germany   
2000/01Art Studies, Academy for Fine Arts and Design AKI, Enschede     
2001Art Studies, class of Prof. Kuhna, Münster Fine Art Academy
2004Nomination as master student
2007Master of Fine Arts (Akademiebrief)
2007/08Master class year
seit 2009Lives and works in Cologne (Refugium Studio Community, Lichtstraße 46, 50825 Cologne)
since 2020Member of the Association of Visual Artists Hagenring e.V.
2022"Young Hagenring - 5 Positions“, Hagenring Gallery, Hagen
2022"Art-Station on the Ehrenfeld Art Route“, Bunker K101, Cologne-Ehrenfeld
2021"Hagen. Art. Today. (City anniversary)“, Hagenring Gallery, Hagen
2020"Presentation at the Hagenring Artists' Association“, Hagenring Gallery, Hagen
2019"ART STATION - Special exhibition on the Art Route, Bunker K101, Cologne-Ehrenfeld
2016"Sarah Andree Painting Show“, Salon Frank M., Cologne (solo exhibition)
2011"Eroticism and Nudes in contemporary art“, Galerie-Graf-Adolf, Cologne
2010"Round One: Great Experiment“, Gallery DRIESCH:KLONARIS, Palma de Mallorca
2008"Blackboard Naked“, KunstTachometer Gallery Theofilos Klonaris, Palma de Mallorca (solo exhibition)
2007"Muenster goes Berlin“, KunstTachometer Gallery Theofilos Klonaris, Berlin
2003"Institution class“, Tax Office, Muenster
2003"Kuhna Class“, Old Amtsmannei, Nottuln
2002"Simply great!“, Tax Office, Muenster
2002"Young art on old walls", Gutshof Nottuln
2022"Museum night Cologne 5.11.2022", art station studio community Refugium
since 2020Yearly participation in the "HAGENRING annual exhibitions", Hagenring Gallery
since 2015Yearly participation in the "Cologne Open Art Studios"
since 2014Yearly participation in the "Ehrenfeld Art Route"